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ION Setup can be downloaded from the Schneider Electric website at ION Setup Download

ION Enterprise Service Pack can be downloaded at ION-Enterprise Service Pack

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find literature/installation guides/technical notes for ION meters and software?
Power Measurement has an extensive library of literature, including datasheets and manuals, which can be found at If you would like to receive hard copies of any literature, please call 416-490-6546 or email
I am having problems with my meter or software. Where can I find help?
A good source for technical information is the Technical Knowledge Base on Powerlogic's website.
To speak with a technical support representative, you can
a) use the online submission form at
b) or
c) call 866-466-7627.
I need to return my ION meter for repair. Who should I contact?
Please do not hesitate to call us at 416-490-6546, or email to have a RMA set up. Alternatively, if you have contacted technical support at Schneider Electirc, they will be able to assist you with an RMA.
I have installed an ION 6200, but cannot program the meter. What is the next step?
Please check that the option card for your meter has been installed, and is properly attached. If you continue to experience problems, please contact technical support or call us directly.
What is the default Unit ID for my meter?
The default unit id for is unique for different meter models. However there are 2 standard patterns:
1) The factory set Unit ID is based on the serial number of the meter, using the last four numbers before the dash. For example, if the serial number is PA-0009B263-01, the Unit ID is set in the factory to 9263. After a factory reset, the unit ID number will default to 100.
2) From the factory, for Com1 Unit id = 100, Com2 Unit id = 101, Com3 Unit id =102, and so on. For e.g.,
1) 3720 - follows rule 1
2) 8600 - follows rule 2. For Com1 Unit id = 100, Com2 = 101, Com4=103
3) 7650 - Rule 1 and 2
Com 1 Unit id = last four numbers of the serial number before the dash
com 2 unit id = 101
com 3 unit id = 102