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PowerLogic Meter Configuration Utility

This is a piece of FREE software that can be installed by end users to connect to and configure PM8 series power meters or Circuit Monitors. To activate the Viewing Features of the PowerLogic Meter Configuration Utility (PMCU), please use the step-by-step instructions below.

1. Browse the hard drive of the computer for the Viewing Features registration file, Serial.sqd. By default, the location of the Serial.sqd file is in the root of the X:\PowerLogic folder. The “X” denotes the drive letter.

2. Attach the Serial.sqd file to an email. Please send the email to the following address: In the subject line for the email, please insert the following line: “PMCU Viewing Features Activation Request”.

3. Once the Serial.sqd file has been received and processed, the Serial.sqd file will be returned via email to the address received.

4. Upon receiving the processed Serial.sqd file, detach the Serial.sqd file into the root of the X:\PowerLogic folder. The “X” denotes the drive letter.

5. Right-click on the Serial.sqd file, select Properties, and remove the “Read Only” option, if checked.

6. If the PMCU application is open and online, please shut down the PMCU application before continuing.

7. With the processed Serial.sqd file in the X:\PowerLogic folder, go to the following location. X:\PowerLogic\PMCU\Bin. The “X” denotes the drive letter.

8. Open the X:\PowerLogic\PMCU\Bin folder. Locate the file named InstallKey.exe, and double-click the InstallKey.exe application. This process registers the Serial.sqd file and activates the Viewing Features of the PMCU. Once the InstallKey.exe application has completed its task, the PMCU may be restarted. The Viewing Features will be activated and ready for use.