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PowerLogic products are recognized world leaders in controlling the cost and quality of your energy with enterprise energy management systems and service.

ION Enterprise SoftwareIndicates a link to a PDF file
ION Enterprise® web-enabled software is an energy information management solution, offering control capabilities, comprehensive power quality and reliability analysis.
ION 8600 Intelligent Revenue MeterIndicates a link to a PDF file
Used to monitor electric power networks, service entrances and substations, the ION® 8600 series are the world’s most advanced socket-based energy meters, providing high accuracy metering.
ION 7650 · ION 7550 High Visibility Energy and Power Quality MeterIndicates a link to a PDF file
Used at key distribution points and sensitive loads, the ION® 7550 and ION® 7650 feature large graphical displays and high accuracy measurements.
ION 7350 · ION 7330 · ION 7300 Compact Power and Energy MeterIndicates a link to a PDF file
Used in applications such as metering equipment and buildings, the ION® 7300 series meters offer unmatched value, functionality, and ease of use.
ION 6200 Intelligent Metering DeviceIndicates a link to a PDF file
The ION® 6200 meter offers outstanding quality, versatility, and functionality in a low cost, ultra-compact meter.
POWERLOGIC Series 4000 Circuit Monitors (CM4250/CM4000T)Indicates a link to a PDF file
Advanced power quality monitors, highly accurate with the ability to monitor electricity and other utilities including gas, shift energy logging and energy trending.
POWERLOGIC Series 800 Power MetersIndicates a link to a PDF file
Designed for basic monitoring and electrical installations with power-sensitive processes, the PM800 series combine accurate energy, power measurement and power quality capabilities.
POWERLOGIC Ethernet Gateway (EGX)Indicates a link to a PDF file
The EGX serves as an Ethernet gateway for PowerLogic® System devices and for any other communicating devices utilizing the Modbus protocol.
Instrument Transformer Services (ITS)Indicates a link to a PDF file
The Instrument Transformer Services from Schneider Electric can provide an accuracy test report for current transformers (CTs) while the system is still live and operational. Applicaiton inslude Current Transformer Verification (CTV), Accuracy Improvement of Metering Systems (AIMS), and Current Transformer Reclassification (CTR).

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