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Watthour Engineering

Watthour Engineering offers a line of meter testing hardware and software products that combine twenty-five years of meter testing experience and customer dedication.

Model 2150
WECO's Model 2150 automated test system is a fully ANSI compliant testboard that uses a single voltage and three independently controlled isolated current sources to test all electromechanical and solid state meters up to 50 amps. Utilizing a precision laser optics system, the Model 2150 can test meters through the most grime-coated covers with unfailing accuracy. This same laser technology makes it possible to test using the disk's edge without wasting time with the tricky optics adjustments found with other test systems.
WE-20 Portable Three Phase Tester/Analyser
WECO's next generation Portable Tester/Analyzer allows you to implement three-phase field-testing, using a Radian Research™ RD-30 internal standard complimented by a sophisticated, lightweight package. The WE-20 allows you to execute a multitude of tests at the customer's site. You can test the meter with the customer's load, perform CT burden and ratio tests, and verify system wiring to give you the peace-of-mind that the entire metering installation is correct. Harmonic Analysis, CT Testing, Vectors, and Trends can all be tested without pulling the meter from its socket.

For more information, visit Watthour Engineering website, call (416) 490-6546 or email sales@langford-assoc.com.

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