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July 2019

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Save the Date! - This year's PLUG Conference is on October 17.

Ontario News

A race, an agreement and the Global Adjustment

On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! - The race is on to gain approval for the first small modular reactor at a Canadian Nuclear Laboratories site, with six formal applications now submitted for operational capability by 2026. See NuclearEnergyInsider In a related story, First Nations leaders are vehemently opposing small nuclear reactors on their territory. See TheSudburyStar

Cube Hydro - OPG has entered into an agreement to acquire Cube Hydro, an operator of small and medium-sized hydropower facilities in the northeast and southeast U.S. See HydroWorld In a related story, OPG is investing in Clarington, with plans to build a new corporate campus by 2024. See Ontario

Changing the GA - The Ontario government has proposed amendments to Ontario Regulation 429/04 under the Electricity Act, 1998 to ensure accurate and appropriate cost recovery of Global Adjustment. See Ontario

In related stories, a growing number of Commercial & Industrial businesses are turning to energy storage to escape the Global Adjustment charges. See GTM And see inside a Mississauga manufacturing plant with a large system of lithium-ion batteries. See CanadianMfg

Addressing Needs - A new transmission line, expected to cost $150 million, is expected to help deal with the increasing electricity needs in the Windsor-Essex region. It will run from Chatham to north of Leamington. See CTV

Cutting Red Tape - The Ontario government has entered into a 10-year agreement with OPG to repair, alter and improve its dams. See ErieMedia

No Charge - Electric vehicle drivers won't find any charging stations at OnRoute stops in Ontario this summer, partly because the Ontario government has all but stalled on efforts to encourage people to adopt electric vehicles. See CBC

On the Road - The first TTC electric bus hit the road on June 3. It will be one of 60 by the first quarter of 2020. See CTV

Update from a previous issue: Canada and the UK have named the finalists for the Power Forward Challenge See NRCan

Schneider Electric

Cumulative Updates

Cumulative Update 2 (CU2) has been released for Power Monitoring Expert (PME) 9.0 and Energy Expert (EE) 2.0.

This update includes several security fixes related to 3rd party licensing components in PME 9.0/EE 2.0.

Please read PME 9.0 CU2 release note and EE 2.0 CU2 release note for the full list of fixes and download.

The PME 9.0 Cumulative Update 2.exe is the CU2 installation package for both PME 9.0 and EE 2.0.

We highly recommend you to apply CU2 to your PME 9.0 or EE 2.0 system to get these security and functional fixes. If you have Power SCADA Operation 9.0 with Advanced Reports and Dashboards module, you can apply the PME 9.0 Cumulative Update 2.exe to your system as well.

Radian Research

WATT-Net Basic Software

Radian Research has announced the WATT-Net Basic Meter Testing & Record keeping sofware, a comprehensive Data Management Software specifically designed for the metering industry. It is provided as complementary software for use with Radian and WECO test systems and ethernet enabled site equipment.

Windobard2, WAT-Net (Legacy) and Winboard utilities have a target end-of-life set for 12/31/2019. The functionality provided by this software will be offered through the WATT-Net Suite. Radian will provide WATT-Net Basic as a complementary replacement for the legacy appllications. See Radian