CarbonCounted™ is a grass roots approach to conquering climate change by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere.

CarbonCounted™ will assign products and services a value, which is the amount of carbon dioxide that was released into the atmosphere in order to make and ship that particular product or service. For more information, please visit

Energy Management – Reap the benefits of better energy decisions

· Control energy related costs ·
· Plan for the future by trending usage over time ·
· Use accurate, real-time information to quickly identify problems ·
· Proactively reduce energy-related business risks ·

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Grid Monitoring – Gridsense LineTracker

· Identify and locate faults ·
· Provide immediate visibility on distribution and transmission networks ·
· Highlight weak spots before faults occur ·

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ION Enterprise & Metering

Gridsense Linetracker